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Ladies, It’s Time To Get Rid Of All That Hair!

Imagine this scenario. You have an important dinner party coming up, and you need to look your best, perhaps even a bit sensual. You have to wear the right clothes, apply the right makeup, and even accessorize the entire ensemble. The outfit’s been picked- a gorgeous dark, strapless gown, one that shows off those beautifully toned arms of yours. But wait! Have you had the chance to go to the salon, and get them waxed? If not, there goes your chance of being the star of the event! Instead, you now have to settle for a dowdy-looking long sleeved blouse that makes you look about as old as your gran!

This situation could be easily avoided, say the experts at Simply invest a bit of money in buying the latest hair-removal products! According to, women today are very much concerned with the way they appear to people. Even a single word of encouragement and admiration boosts their self-esteem, making it the best antidepressant ever!

Say “Bye-Bye” To All That Hair!
Underarm, eyebrows, upper lips, arms, legs, bikini area- A woman’s body has unwanted hair almost everywhere! Nowadays, even a simple day at the beach is not possible until every bit of those pesky strands is plucked or shaved away! Thinking of visiting the mall and just hanging out with your girl pals? Not a chance, till you get a wax done at the salon! Apart from burning a small hole in your pocket, that waxing session won’t happen till you book an appointment with the salon, and drive yourself over there!

However, it is not always necessary to visit an expensive salon to get rid of unwanted hair. In fact, there are so many hair removal products available in the market now. The choices are endless! Let’s take a look at some of the best methods or gadgets that can get the job done fast, and if possible, painlessly.

1: Shaving
The most conventional and traditional route, women have shaved their hairy arms and legs for many years now. It is by far, the quickest and most pain-free method there is to get rid of hair. However, it does have a few disadvantages. For one, you really shouldn’t shave your upper lip! Unless of course you want to walk around like a man. The hair that grows back will be slightly thicker, and even a bit darker! Another problem is that there is always the chance of getting cuts and bruises, if the blade isn’t handled properly.

There are plenty of shaving devices available today, from the regular shaving razor to the more nifty electric shavers. In fact, there are many that are designed exclusively for women!

2: Waxing
Waxing is the next most popular method. Sticky strips of cloth are pressed down into the hairy areas and are pulled. Yes, it’s quite painful. However, the results are better than with shaving. The hair grows back only after a long time and is lighter and thinner. Waxing sessions can be done at salons, or alternatively, you can do it at home with store-bought wax-strips.

3: Electrolysis
A more permanent solution, electrolysis technique attacks the hair follicles themselves, rendering them incapable of regrowing hair. However, quite a few sessions will be required to achieve the desired results, and this is definitely not cheap!

The choice of hair removal techniques will depend on your requirement as well as your budget. So, make your choice wisely, after considering all the pros and cons.

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