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Nourish Your Skin And Look Good With These Foods!

foods for glow skin

There are thousands of beauty products available in the market used extensively to hide the aging lines, acne and patched complexions. These snail recovery gel cream may seem to do wonders for a short period, but in the long run, these products adversely affect the health of the skin. Hence a safer and healthier option is to regulate your diet and involve various variants in your daily food intake. It ensures that your skin is rejuvenated naturally. You can explore skin care tips available online like to learn more about the topic.
The best part of these food ingredients is apart from being beneficial for your skin; it also helps developing resistance against chronic health conditions like heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and many more. Let us now review various items and their value addition.
The Wonder Foods!
Beverages and drinks
• Water: Drinking minimum 3-4 liters of water daily is a must of for a healthy and fit body, hydration of the skin and it also helps to reduce unnecessary fat. The best way to use water is to drink it as it is. The water component in juices or sports drinks usually have added sugar content, which when comes in contact with the protein in collagen, produces a compound which causes the skin to wrinkle faster and sag down.
• Green Tea: A miracle drink for the health-conscious ones! Regular consumption of green tea gives elasticity and smoothness to the skin. The antioxidant component of this beverage helps in smooth flow of oxygen to the skin. It gives a vibrant complexion and also protects against the harsh sun UV rays.
• Almond milk: Unlike dairy products which may increase the chances of inflammation or development of acne and rashes, almond milk extracts are very good for the skin.
• Coffee: Although excess consumption of coffee may raise particular health concerns, it also reduces the risk of developing non-melanoma skin cancer.
• Red Wine: Red wine contains antioxidants known as resveratrol, which minimizes the impact of skin lesions caused by long-term sun damage and also has anti-tumor properties.
Fruits and vegetables and oils
• Olive Oil: It contains healthy fatty acid which boosts the youthful look. The antioxidants like polyphenols protect the skin from alien bodies.
• Tomato: Antioxidants Lycopene provides natural sun protection to the surface.
• Yellow bell peppers; It helps to avoid wrinkles
• Soy: A particular component aglycone found in soy improves and maintain the elasticity of the skin for a more extended period an also prevents collagen from breaking down which may cause thin lines and sag in the skin.
• Kiwi: the vitamin C content helps keep the skin smooth with lesser lines developing.
• Pumpkin: Cooked form has beta-carotene a source of vitamin A helpful in the growth of fresh skin cells.
• Carrots: Give a healthier glow to the skin
Livestock and seafood
• Sardines: a rich source of omega three fatty acid is an anti-inflammatory component which reduces the chances of developing acne
• Grass-fed beef: It is rich in protein which is a building block of collagen. This ingredient tightens up the skin and avoids wrinkles.
• Oyster: Oysters are rich in zinc content which is essential for growth and functioning of skin cells.
• Mackerel: These little swimmers are rich in Vitamin B12, which avoids skin issues like hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and Vitiligo which are white spotting.